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Avocado Jam Studio is a studio that specializes in audio content, podcast editing, music mixes and composition for streamers.

Private Music Instructor

Want to learn piano, music theory or ukulele at the comfort of a home studio?

From beginner level to advance. We cater one to one customised music lessons to fit your musical needs. No age limit, just endless learning opportunities!

Podcast Editing

Have audio content and want to turn them into podcast episodes?

We provide seamless podcast episodes transition to fit your podcast theme, crispy clear audio quality and able to deliver same day edit for 30mins and below audio length!

Audio Content Creation

Ever wanted to try creating audio content?

It could be a long form such as Podcasting or perhaps, an Audio Tag or something short and catchy for your target audience or even a personal audio project you wished to embark on. We welcome all sorts of crazy ideas you have!

Music Composition for Streamers

Hello Live Streamers!

If you’re looking for some nice background track that truly vibes with the content you’re streaming and tired of royalty free music, we can explore together what makes a nice complimentary track for your viewers to enjoy while watching you stream 🙂


Piano, Ukulele and Basic Audio Editing

An Audio Tag is another word for a jingle which means a short audio/music that represents your brand’s identity. Great to add for Podcasts, Youtube Videos, and Social Media Videos too!

You can reach me under my Contact Me or you can book a quick Zoom Call with me.

That’s perfectly fine! We don’t always have the answers to everything! If you have any queries about anything audio, I will do my best to help with what I know~

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